既然你已经被录用了, the most important step in your journey to attending 韦伯 is complete! We are excited that you are planning on attending 韦伯 in the upcoming semester and look forward to welcoming you to our 韦伯 family. The process of enrolling in college can be overwhelming, but we are here each step of the way.

Before you can enroll, there are a few things you will need to complete first. Please follow the steps below as they will guide you until your arrival at 韦伯. If you have any questions regarding this process you can contact the 招生办公室 any time at 863-638-2910 or admissions@senorcarmona.com.



U.S. citizens and permanent residents should check with the 金融援助 Office regarding any missing financial aid paperwork. 可致电863-638-2929与财务援助办公室联系. 一旦所有的财政援助文件已经完成, they can prepare your award package and provide an estimate of your expenses.


快去韦伯餐厅订座位! 班级和宿舍很快就住满了. 不要错过你的首选住房. There is a deposit payment due in order to accept our offer of admission and reserve your dorm room.

U.S. 公民及永久居民

  • 校外:100美元(注册押金)
  • On-campus: $250 ($100 registration deposit 加上150元房屋按金)


  • Off-campus: $1,000 (国际 deposit to receive I-20, 包括100美元的注册押金)
  • 校园:1美元,收到I-20的国际存款150美元, 包括100美元的注册押金, 加上150元房屋按金)


信用卡: 我们接受美国运通卡、维萨卡、万事达卡和发现卡. Make a payment online by clicking on the link below, or by calling the 业务办公室 at 863-638-2944 通过电话付款. 在线支付时,系统会提示您输入密码. You will receive the password from your admissions counselor once you are accepted to 韦伯.

检查: 请将支票邮寄至:
P.O. 96箱

电汇: 请与商务办公室联系 businessoffice@senorcarmona.com or 863-638-2944 接收电汇指令.


Please complete and submit the following acceptance paperwork:

Please do not fill out any of the paperwork below or pay any deposits unless you have applied and been officially accepted to the university.

The following paperwork needs to be completed prior to your enrollment at 韦伯. If you have any questions regarding this process, you can contact the 招生办公室 在任何时候 863-638-2910 or admissions@senorcarmona.com. Please be advised that if ALL forms are not FULLY complete, there will be a delay in your enrollment.


Please include payment of the tuition deposit in order to accept our offer of admission and to reserve your spot in classes. 学费押金不予退还.

  • U.S. 公民和永久居民:100美元
  • 国际学生:1000美元


填写此表格以预订校内住宿. Be sure to include the $150 housing deposit to secure the dorm room of your choice. 所有新生都被要求住宝博体育里. 房屋按先到先得的原则分配. Review the Housing Agreement before completing the Housing Application. The housing deposit is only refundable if requested in writing up to 30 days prior to the first day of classes.

Print form and take it to the physician to complete or submit copies of your immunization records.



All students are required to have sufficient health coverage while attending 韦伯. 保险由韦伯公司提供. 国际 students and any uninsured students are required to purchase the university provided primary coverage. U.S. citizens and permanent residents wishing to opt-out of primary insurance coverage and opt-in to our reduced athletic rider, will need to complete the waiver process – instructions are provided below.


Make sure to mail us your final official High School transcript showing that a standard High School diploma was earned and submit any updated test scores. Transfer students need to make sure to submit updated university transcripts reflecting any recent grades and degrees earned.

*Transcripts received by 韦伯国际大学 become the property of 韦伯 and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to any other institution. Please do not send us your original transcript/diploma if you have no other copies.


Prior to your arrival to 韦伯, make sure that you pay your balance to the business office. 你可以通过以下方式联系他们 863-638-2944 or businessoffice@senorcarmona.com.

国际学生: 50% of your total balance must be paid by July 31st if you are enrolling in the fall and November 30th if enrolling in the spring. 剩下的要在你报名上课之前交. 未能注册可能导致你的I-20被终止.


电话: 863-638-2910
电子邮件: admissions@senorcarmona.com

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